The New York Institute of Technology's (NYIT) department of Technology Based Learning Systems (TBLS) manages the Educational Enterprise Zone® (EEZ).  The EEZ is a more than 20 year old confederation of museums, libraries, science centers, cultural institutions, and schools dedicated to the appropriate application of technology to the delivery of informal educational resources to all learners. Since its inception, it has concentrated on curriculum development and the training of institutions through both traditional and electronic means. The power of the EEZ consortium, as well as the myriad capabilities of its individual members, has continued to sustain its mission of supporting such institutions in developing compelling uses of technology that meets their respective needs. There is no fee for participation in the EEZ. Hardware resources are donated by major hardware and software vendors or acquired and made available by NYIT TBLS through various grants. The EEZ is on the leading edge of technological advances, maximizing the capability of technology to link learning communities together. 

The EEZ’s parent department, NYIT Technology Based Learning Systems (TBLS), is widely recognized as a leader in testing new technologies and applying them to teaching and learning in affordable, easily replicable models. TBLS helps to build the capacity of professional audiences to deliver enhanced content using state-of-the-art technology tools. NYIT is currently the statewide rollout partner for the Intel Teach® Program, Google, SAS Curriculum Pathways, Professor Garfield, and Faulkes Telescope Programs. In addition, TBLS is a recipient of numerous foundation and statewide grants with a very successful history of project implementation.

In order to reach and service the widest range of providers and teachers possible, the EEZ works closely with New York State organizations such as the NYS Teacher Centers, BOCES, and a variety of school districts.

Overseeing all of these projects is the Director of the Technology-Based Learning Systems Department of NYIT and of the Educational Enterprise Zone, Professor Stan Silverman. Honored by inclusion in the United States Distance Learning Association's Hall of Fame, Stan brings an engineer’s thorough knowledge of technological hardware with a teacher’s insights into how they can be applied to enhance learning to the task. In addition to his work with the EEZ, Stan is Chairman of the NYIT Online Campus and teaches graduate level courses in instructional technology.